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Summer Skies was opened on March 26th, 2013, and was adopted from the the gorgeous Mitchii », who also happened to provide the site title! The current layout, Version 1, uses chapter images from the manga from Minitokyo ».

Site Credits Any materials used that are not mine will be credited: images used are copyrighted to any film directors/photographers used. No copyright infringement is intended in any way; this is a non-profit website. The script used is Listing Admin ». If you see any images/material that are copyrighted to you and I haven't credited (or you would like something removed), please feel more than free to contact me!

Affiliates and Contact

  • Amano Akira
  • Arcobaleno
  • Byakuran
  • Collonello
  • Dino Cavallone
  • Fon
  • Haru Muira
  • Ipin
  • Mukuro Rokudo and Hibari Kyouya
  • Music of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
  • Reborn
  • Reborn and Lambo
  • Sasagawa, Kyoko
  • Sasagawa, Kyoko and Miura, Haru
  • Sasagawa, Kyoko and Tsunayoshi Sawada
  • The Vongola Family
  • Tsunayoshi Sawada
  • Tsunayoshi Sawada and Hibari Kyouya
  • Tsunayoshi Sawada and Mukuro Rokudo
  • Tsunayoshi Sawada and Reborn
  • Vongola Primo (Giotto/Leyatsu Sawada)
  • Weekly Shonen Jump
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