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    Anything I've used (outside of my own resources) from other sites, are listed below. I keep a tight check on these things, but I do make mistakes, so if you find something that's yours that's not listed, feel more than free to « contact me!

    PLEASE NOTE: The images used on this site, that are not mine, are credited below. I in no way claim these images as my own; the real credit lies with the model/actor/musician and photographer/company. No copyright infringement is intended in any way.


  • Listing Admin »
    I built Listing Admin when I was running STFU T-Rex!, and offered it up for download in... 2009/2010. I forgot, as I do with pretty much everything. 8D Listing Admin powers all my fanlisting, along with my collective: my listings, my collective statistics, my joined listings, my affiliates, and the contact and affiliate forms. Everything else listing-centric was hand-coded by me, because I love creating terrible things. ;;
  • New Place
    Although the script creator is no longer developing on their scripts, I still use them because they're useful and I'm lazy. \o/ Currently, I only use the adoption script.