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    mortefragola debuted on December 25th, 2005, where I ran at least ten fanlistings, and no more than twenty (to be honest, it's all a little sketchy past December 27th). In April of 2007, I moved my collective to STFU T-Rex! (and it's own domain), where it stayed for three years, after which I decided to not renew the domain, and went back to its original name, Bambino. In January 2012, I decided to merge my anime/manga fanlisting collective with my main fanlisting collective, and renamed Bambino to mortefragola to mark the occasion.

    mortefragola was thought up on March 2012, when I consumed 385945969 different Ichigo/Rukia fanart on deviantART. I decided to go ahead and stick with the Italian-name theme originally started with Bambino; morte for death and fragola for strawberry -- death and strawberry, which is short for the manga BLEACH's first volume, The Death and the Strawberry.

    About Me

    I'm Tess, and I'm a 22-year-old photographer-student who regularly -- AKA ALL THE TIME -- procrastinates with slash fanfiction, fashion blogs, and funny songs that talk about bad boyfriends and dicks on the dancefloor. I like to write PHP, talk about sex, and look at women and men's fashion magazines. I read slash fanfiction, romance novels, and shoujo manga, and watch a lot of horror, thriller, action, and comedy movies. I like mostly law, comedy, and animated TV shows; if one believed or followed stereotypes, I'm kind of a dude.

    For more, you can visit my current fanlistings -- there's more than enough fanlistings to tell you the kind of person I am.

    I Stalk Hard

    I have a number of responsibilities in almost every fanlisting network, and all of them revolve around me being a developer; this was not deliberate, I swear. For the curious, I'm Tess on each message board.

  • TFL » I trouble check for three categories (Authors/Writers, Models and Musicians: Female) and am the developer of the network.
  • TAFL » Staffer/trouble checker for one category (Songs) and make up a duo of developers. ♥